Red Deer Alberta Rotary Supporting Literacy In Belize, in San Ignacio, Volunteers



Make a difference in Belize by donating to a scholarship!

You can help a Belizean youth to fulfill a dream to complete high school and open doors for a brighter future.   Hundreds of children who want to enter high school (grade nine through twelve) cannot attend due to tuition costs that poor families cannot afford.  For 500 (American dollars) a year a Belize child can attend local high schools and potentially make a difference in their personal lives and the lives of the their communities.

Your contribution will be directed to the Rotary Club of San Ignacio, Belize where a strong program exists. Your funds will result in the identification of a young person who meets eligibility criteria.  You will be given contact information for the child you sponsor. A San Ignacio Rotarian will be identified as a mentor for the child and you will receive  reports on the child’s progress.

Your donation will help build the capacity of Belize citizens in a way that provides sustainable and ongoing benefits to the child and the community.

If you wish to support a Belize child as part of the Literacy Alive initiatives please contact :

Rotary Club of Red Deer Project Lead: 

Lynne Paradis