Red Deer Alberta Rotary Supporting Literacy In Belize, in San Ignacio, Volunteers

Project Design


  • Canadian literacy experts in the Literacy Alive Rotary sponsored project initiative are returning to Cayo to assist with strengthening literacy teaching and learning.
  • Five literacy lead Alberta teachers will provide in-school consultation, support for teachers, assessment of student reading programs, sharing of resources and modeling of effective student reading intervention teaching approaches in specific village schools for four days:  November 9, 10, 11, 12, 2015.
  • March 29, 30, 31, 2016 will be a hosted  three day camp for students where resources and teaching strategies to support reading improvement will be modeled by Canadian leaders co-presenting with Belize educators who are interested in literacy.
  • Students will learn about becoming better readers in a three day camp that integrates adventure and fun activities around a Rainforest theme.
  • Follow up Professional Development for Cayo teachers and public librarians will be held on April 4 and 5, 2016 with a focus on reading comprehension and basic literacy teaching approaches.



  • Up to 400 students in Standard Two, who could benefit from reading support activities,  will be selected by school principals to participate in the program.
  • Up to 60 Belize educators and community volunteers interested in literacy improvement will be identified to help in facilitating the camp
  • Educators from across Belize are invited to participate
  • Public  librarians are invited to participate
  • Student teachers from Sacred Heart College are encouraged to participate.
  • Community members in any profession, career or business are invited to participate in the Career Fair on Thursday, March 31.



  • Canadian Literacy Alive team will provide all resources and leadership
  • Students will proceed through learning stations focused on: Phonics, Reading, Writing and Comprehension
  • Daily Rainforest adventure activities including sports, games and field trips for students.
  • Follow up professional development for educators (April 4,5) with the intent that a Belize leadership team can replicate the camp during future school vacation times.



  • Evidence of success with the concept in other countries
  • Provides students with a quality reading intervention support system
  • Provides teachers the opportunity to use resources and strategies that can be also used when they return to their home schools
  • Method to share quality teaching and learning resources to many teachers in many schools.
  • Belize educators learn about effective literacy support strategies at the same time that they can practice using them with student campers.
  • The three day camp is a condensed model of a much larger camp that can be hosted by Belize communities during summer vacation blocks.
  • Community members, including local public libraries,  clubs/organizations engage in the literacy support process by transferring ideas, resources,  and activities to Belize led initiatives.



  • The Cayo Ministry of Education office will direct the registration process through contact with school principals.
  • Student participants must be children presently in Standard 2 who are struggling with reading/writing success and could benefit from focused literacy intervention approaches
  • Community volunteers interested in participating please contact your local Rotary Club representatives.



  • All activities will take place at Sacred Heart College in San Ignacio.
  • Busses will provide  daily transportation to and from the camp  for students who do not live in San Ignacio
  • Camp operates from 9:00 – 3:30 for three consecutive days.
  • Each Canadian leader will provide mentorship and coaching to a team of Belize educators and volunteers (referred to as Literacy Teaching Cohorts).
  • Daily de-briefings for Camp Leaders will follow dismissal of students
  • Students will circulate between a series of learning stations



  • Students receive reading support materials
  • Snacks  and lunch are provided by local community volunteers
  • CAREER FAIR featuring local employers, professionals,  and entrepreneurs will share  information about their work and  the value in having strong reading and writing skills.
  • Website development to house all literacy support materials for friendly access by camp participants.



  • Rotary Club of San Ignacio works with the Rotary Club of Red Deer, Alberta Canada in a collaborative Literacy Alive project where both clubs provide source funding which is matched by Rotary International to support  costs of the project (over $50,000 US).
  • Funding goes toward development of materials,  camp costs,  professional development costs and support for Canadian literacy leaders to travel to Belize.
  • Sacred Heart  College in San Ignacio has partnered with the project to generously provide the facility to operate the camp.
  • The Cayo Ministry of Education Office, is providing support in communication, promotion and co-facilitation of the project activities.



  • Educators in the areas of literacy are invited to two days of professional development on Monday, April 4 and Tuesday, April 5.  These events will take place in San Ignacio.  
  • Both days will be focused on teaching strategies, resource development, assessment of reading levels of students, and effective reading and writing teaching strategies.
  • April 4 will be focused on literacy for Infant 1, 2 and Standard 1.  
  • April 5 will be feature literacy practices for Standard 2 and 3 and 4.



  • Augments existing training and experience of local educators
  • Assists in developing strategies to engage local communities (individuals,parents, community organizations, public libraries)  in literacy support
  • Provides many reading/writing teaching and learning resources for local schools
  • Sets up a model that can be duplicated anywhere in Belize at reasonable cost
  • Provides support materials to host camps and provide professional development to teachers and community volunteers in the areas of literacy learning



  • Funding to support purchase of camp t-shirts for students
  • Funding to support guided reading level books for students and local schools
  • Sponsorship for a teacher(s) to join in camp activities and training
  • Donations for water, food and snacks during camp
  • Volunteer to participate in the CAREER FAIR activities
  • Contacts for donations:  Canadians contact Lynne Paradis, Belizeans contact Sheree Fukai  or Aki Fukai (President of the Rotary Club of San Ignacio).



  • Mr. Luis Carballo,  Director, Ministry of Education, Cayo District office
  • Mrs. Isaura Williams, Literacy Director, Ministry of Education, Cayo District Office
  • Dr. Lynne Paradis, Literacy Alive Project Director:  Rotary Club of Red Deer, Canada
  • Sheree Fukai,  San Ignacio Rotary Club Project Director:
  • Aki Fukai, President, Rotary Club of San Ignacio.



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