Red Deer Alberta Rotary Supporting Literacy In Belize, in San Ignacio, Volunteers

Who We Are

Literacy Alive III Team for March 2016 Trip

Who We Are

The Literacy Alive! Vocational Training Team:


Dr. Lynne Paradis is Superintendent of the Suzuki Charter Schools in Alberta, Canada. Dr. Paradis has served teams through leadership, offering her expertise in education and working with others to ensure their success through positions on boards and committees in education and learning, amateur sport, recreation, culture and leadership development, to name but a few.   Dr. Paradis' graduated with a Doctorate in Curriculum from the University of Alberta in 2001. She holds a Master of Education in Leadership degree from the University of British Columbia. She has taught kindergarten to grade 12 and served as school administrator in elementary, middle, cyber school and high school.

Margaretrose Willms is a Principal with a passion for learning. She is an active Rotarian and works as a coordinator for Literacy Alive! Alberta and Belize.


Judith McIntyre: Teacher with 35 years experience, Judith has been involved since the project's inception and has been to Belize on 8 occasions. Judith works for Red Deer Catholic Schools as a lead teacher in the areas of Literacy, Inclusion and English Language Learners.

Corinne Brown: Corinne loves teaching kids how to read! She is a Literacy Coach in Alberta.

Purnima Lyndsay: Purnima is an administer, teacher and Literacy consultant for the Central Alberta Regional Consortia.

Amanda Jackson: Amanda is a teacher and Cognitive Learning specialist for Red Deer Catholic Schools

Cathy Sather has been on many trips to Belize. She is a master teacher.

Della, Betna, Marie, Diane, Amanda Wilson, Rita, Michelle



Rebekah has worked in community development based programs and projects domestically and internationally for twenty five years. This involvement has included community engagement, capacity building, program design, governance support, project assessment, and monitoring and evaluation. The client base includes small grassroots initiatives, community agencies, regional bodies and networks, and international organizations